Everything Green & a wee bit of Irish in me for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Visit my store where I carry many items with this art.

So I started to create a few things for Saint Patrick’s Day!  I know, it’s so stereotypical of me to do lots of beer- and/or alcohol-inspired humor on T-shirts, but I couldn’t resist!  It got the best of me.  And with that being said, I hope that those of you that go out and drink green beer will keep in mind that others on the road want to stay alive, hopefully including yourself, so don’t drink and drive!  If you are going out, find some local pub you can walk to or get yourself a taxi or invite someone along that doesn’t like to drink.  Believe it or not, you’ll find someone!  You don’t want this to be your last Saint Patrick’s Day, do you?

If you see something you like but would like it personalized, just e-mail me!  And if you’d like to join my I LOVE BEING IRISH page on Facebook, where I’ll be keeping you up to date on all of my newest Irish and green merchandise as it gets put in my shop.

Click the image to take you to that section of my store.

Maternity T-shirt

Available in baby to kids' sizes as well.

4-leaf clover and me = lucky me!

Available in men, women, babies, kids and fun novelty items!

I'm Irish.  What's your excuse?

I drink green beer - on front. I'm Irish. What's your excuse? - on back

So cute for a little baby!

Click the image to see other products with this artwork.

Cute play on words there.

Click the image to take you to that section of my shop.

And just remember, if you ever need anything personalized, I’m your girl!  The art is free!   Just need to contact me.

About district818

Hi, everyone! My name is Eva. I'm a court reporter by trade, artist at heart. I'm self-taught in all of my art and am a true believer that you can do anything you set your mind to as long as you really want to do it. Hope you take a look at my digital art and pass on my information. I'm a one-woman operation and am looking to meet new people, hopefully you! I don't know much about this Wordpress or how it works, but I'll be figuring it out on my own, as I do everything else in life. Thank you in advance for visiting my blog! Please visit my PeaceHeartEtc shop and when you're done there, feel free to visit my other little shop. A bit more disorganized, but still fun: District818 Store .
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