Finding what interests your child so that they are successful in life.

Growing up in Long Beach, Long Island, my brother got started in on hockey very early on. My parents did it to keep him away from the bad influences on the street.  Well, it worked.  He never got in with the “bad” crowd.  In fact, just the opposite.   Now he’s a successful real estate agent here in Southern California.  My brother, Zev, started at the age of about five playing ice hockey.   He’s played consistently throughout the years and even coached a few adult leagues as well as has his referee license and was refereeing at times throughout the years.  And now that he’s an adult and working full-time, he still finds the time in his busy schedule between showing houses and dealing with short sale after short sale, to fit in his hockey.   It’s always a good thing to get your child involved in some kind of organized sport or hobby.    It can be anything.   What is the tricky part of all of this?  It’s figuring out what your child might be good in or interested in doing.    When I was younger, my mom stuck me in ballet.  I was a very quiet child and didn’t say much.  If I had known better I’d have opened my mouth and said “This isn’t my thing.  I don’t like ballet.”  But instead, I spent every week doing ballet.  Well, my ballet career didn’t last long.  I think the teacher died or retired or something and my mom never pursued it.  Even though I’ m a girlie girl, ballet just wasn’t my thing.  If only I knew I was interested in art at an earlier age, I’d have pursued more of an artistic adventure.  Instead, it took me time to find my passion for creating.   You might have something that you do that interests you as a parent and it would give you pleasure to see your little one follow in your footsteps, but if you find yourself pushing it on your child and they’re not into it, maybe you should think about it for a minute and back to when you were little and were made to do something you didn’t enjoy.  It sucked.  Don’t take it personally.  Just know it’s not their thing and move along and introduce them to something else that might interest them.

For my brother, hockey was something he found at an early age.

What was my favorite part of the hockey growing up?  It had to be all the traveling we did.  Sure, the cost of playing is expensive.  Just the equipment alone is pricey.  And that doesn’t even include ice time.  But all in all, it was a great experience and as a hockey sister, I had lots of fun.  Here’s some of my hockey stuff I made up.  If you ever need anything personalized, just message me.

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Hi, everyone! My name is Eva. I'm a court reporter by trade, artist at heart. I'm self-taught in all of my art and am a true believer that you can do anything you set your mind to as long as you really want to do it. Hope you take a look at my digital art and pass on my information. I'm a one-woman operation and am looking to meet new people, hopefully you! I don't know much about this Wordpress or how it works, but I'll be figuring it out on my own, as I do everything else in life. Thank you in advance for visiting my blog! Please visit my PeaceHeartEtc shop and when you're done there, feel free to visit my other little shop. A bit more disorganized, but still fun: District818 Store .
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