Yoga girl – Om ….. Om…. Om….

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Yoga Girl is here to help you get fit!

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Let’s meditate and get the day started right, people!

The more yoga you practice, the more your own body tells you what and when to eat. If you believe this, you will find your body will know best and give you the most ultimate result from your exercise.

Get your kids out there too!  Get them started early in exercise, whether yoga or anything else.  When I was a kid in 19-ba-ba-ba boom we’d go outside to play, even in the coldest of weather, growing up in New York.   Over the years I got to see just how valuable exercise is.  We didn’t know from exercise back when I was a kid.  In fact, we didn’t know much about anything.   Nowadays, people see that carbs are not that good for you and Wonder bread has been replaced by wheat bread.     If you put carbohydrates together with sitting in front of the computer and no exercise, eventually it will catch up with you.   Now that I live in sunny California, I definitely see many fit people, always getting their exercise in.  But you also still see many out there that think that one mile is about the same as running  a 24-mile marathon.    One mile may sound like a lot at first.  Just the word “mile” sounds like a long way.   One mile is only about a 15-minute walk.  Right now the only thing that I can fit into my schedule is a three-mile walk each day.   In the past when I had more time I would do that three-mile walk twice a day.  And some days we’d hit the mountains up and walk for about nine miles.    I can’t wait to get back into hiking.  It’s the most invigorating for me to be in nature.  It really gave me peace of mind.  But everyone will find something else that gives them that feeling.  For some it might be swimming.  For others it might be ping pong.  And don’t think that’s something that won’t give you any exercise.  Just because it’s ping pong doesn’t mean you’re not getting exercise.  Just the fact that you have to bend over to pick up balls means you’re out there moving your body around.

Make sure to set yourself a schedule and start exercising today.  If you are the type of person that isn’t motivated unless you are provoked by someone else to get out there, then possibly think of starting a group on facebook for hiking or tennis or whatever it is you’re interested in.  Or even go to meetup groups.  It’s very easy to get out there and find something that motivates you.  You just need to try out a few things.  Maybe walking, running or hiking isn’t for you.  Maybe yoga is just not something you are ready for.  How about belly dancing or something a bit more Hollywood like taking salsa or ballroom dance classes?  You never know when that will come in handy, like let’s say at the next wedding you go to.  Life is very short and the more things you try in life the more open you will be to inviting wonderfulness into your life.  Don’t ever say never!  Live and let live.  Love life.  Today is here and you don’t know if tomorrow will ever be, you can only hope for it.

Well, that being said, it’s time for me to get back to work here so that I can meet up with my friend later for our comedy walk session.  That’s what I like to call it, because that’s all we do is laugh.


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